Spring  I  Issue 2  I  April, 2018


If your manufacturer's warranty is about to expire or if you're planning for future maintenance we offer a range of Extended Warranty Packages to ensure your client’s peace-of-mind.

If you've purchased one of our Lighting Control Systems, we will contact you before your warranty expires and invite you to purchase one of our extended packages.

Find out more at... www.lightingcontrols.ltd.uk/tech.html


Our Area Controllers have been in redevelopment with the aim to reduce commissioning time on site. This objective will be completed via two new methods:

1) Wireless Configurations

We are changing to long range wireless configurations, instead of using Bluetooth which has a limited scope. Furthermore, the data transfer rate is much higher, increasing efficiency.

2) CAT A Check

The new Area Controllers launched at the end of last year can test the luminaires on the local network are connected and fully functioning before we attend to commission.

These changes save our customers time and money due to less paid-for time required on site.


In our production facility we produce bespoke panels to suit individual requirements and installations. These panels facilitate easier installation for the electrical contractor due to pre-labelled terminals. These labels are produced by our CAD team based on the lighting installation drawings. Panels can be manufactured using any third-party modules and tailored to your specification. Each panel goes through our 20-point check before it leaves our facility with metal work produced in any colour or size.

Find out more at... www.lightingcontrols.ltd.uk/custom_panels



Our range of custom Scene Plates and Presence Detectors are made to order at our Head Office in Surrey. When placing an order for these items, tell us your requirements including the RAL number to ensure they are produced to your exact colour and finish. Scene Plates can be produced in different sizes with alternative buttons, colours and finishes. For example, we have produced a special Scene Plate with extra large buttons that display different colours when pressed for use in a school.

Find out more here. All our Datasheets are downloadable PDFs.


We’ve been busy over the last few weeks with Phase 1 of our website redesign. We are now proud to announce the release of our newly updated site with easy-to-understand and more attractive information. The site now presents our product portfolio, production processes and sustainability themes more extensively with our ECOLUX and ECOFLEX ranges.

Phase 2 of the site will be rolled out at the beginning of June. This includes a major upgrade to content which will be detailed in our Summer newsletter.

“I am very excited to join LCL working in a fast changing industry , “I feel I’m in the best place to continue my own personal development in sales”

We extend a warm welcome to Kevin and his enthusiastic approach to our team, and wish him the best for a long future with us.

Kevin has been involved in Specification Sales for 20 years and is a qualified lighting designer. He is experienced in working on a variety of lighting and lighting control projects, spanning many market sectors including: Consultants, D&B Contractors, Lighting Designers, Housing Developers, End Users and Architects.


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