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Professional teams are always under time constraints and increasing budget pressures creating the need for faster and more efficient construction techniques.

Improving on-site efficiency by off-site pre-fabrication is now the accepted practice for maximising efficiency and cost effectiveness. The Lighting Controls ecoFLEX flexible pre-wired system is modular and can be used for power distribution, high level lighting and fan coil systems (VAV units), and underfloor power distribution.

Pre-wired systems offer designers the flexibility to realise sophisticated configurations that would be costly and challenging using conventional wiring methods. The products can be installed around more rigid components, such as those in heating and ventilation systems, due to their flexibility. The high design quality of this system enables easy reconfiguration of an installation to meet the needs of a new tenant, for instance.

All system components are interconnected using colour coded and keyed industry standard connectors to help prevent misconnection. The use of cage clamp connections for all termination ensures long term integrity.


Power distribution

Armoured flying tee

Switched fuse spur

Lighting tee

6 & 9 port MDB

Starter & end cables

Lighting interlink cables

Power interlink cables