Autumn  I  Issue 4  I  1st October, 2018

This detector features our Progressive Sensitivity function to eliminate false triggering. There is also an integral lux detector, enabling the sensor to control daylight linking. Daylight linking can be configured either to keep lights off when there is sufficient ambient light, or used as part of a closed loop to maintain a pre-set luminance level in a dimmable system.

The DALI Micro Presence Detector is a sensor for automatic lighting control and the smallest Presence Detector we sell. It detects movement using a PIR sensor, which updates the light controller using a DALI interface. When an area is no longer occupied, the device times out after a configurable period.

The fitting hole size required is:

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The detection pattern is circular and approximately 6m diameter when PIR is mounted at a height of 2.8m.

This bespoke Lighting Control Panel was created for a prestigious new London development. It features hardware from Lutron’s myRoom system and was designed to the exact size and wiring requirements of our client.

The new DALI 1R Relay Module is a single channel DALI relay unit that is designed for DALI installations with individual non-DALI (switching) fittings.

Standalone luminaires can be quickly added to an existing system with the DALI R1 being universal item that can be installed in any DALI lighting control system.

The unit has a standard 5-wire mains and DALI in, utilising cage clamp connections and 3 pin plug output to connect directly to the luminaire reducing wiring costs and time.

After redeveloping our website, we have recently created a brand new Products Brochure to assist our customers with their search for the perfect lighting solution. This brochure aims to show you our product ranges which have been recently launched or expanded..

We also have a Project Brochure and Data Sheet book which can be downloaded in PDF format from our website.

If you would like to request a printed copy email Abigail Cowan (

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