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Aldwych House is situated near the Strand in one of the capital’s busiest thoroughfares. The refurbishment of this high-end office space called for a sophisticated, bespoke lighting controls philosophy. The renovation of levels 5 through 8 features a CAT A fit out with Lighting Controls Ltd. ecoLUX Graphical Interface emergency monitoring capability. The specification also called for intelligent DALI LCMs which utilise state of the art PIRs and custom scene set plates. Daylight linking is incorporated in to the system to harvest natural light to further reduce energy costs. Lighting Controls Ltd’s system effectively and efficiently controls the luminaires in the building’s atrium and light well to dramatic effect, in keeping with the design concept.

On the lower-ground floor, ground floor and levels 1 and 2 a full CAT B fit out was included for Weworks, the global network office space provider. Both presence and absence detection sensors were used in order to achieve the company’s requirements for a system that would offer a flexible and adaptable work space for its creative tenant clients.